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Amber Case's visit to mui Lab

Calm Design Sessions & Training

Onsite or online design ideation from company presentation to white boarding/onsite sessions.


These customized, interactive sessions allow participants to internalize learnings, cement the value proposition of Calm Tech, and collaboratively plan for implementation.


The format, timing, structure and approach for each Calm Design Session series is tailored to meet your team's specific needs and goals. 


We offer in-person and virtual workshops to accommodate your team's needs and goals, conducted as either half-day or full-day sessions, depending on the depth of the topic and the level of engagement required.

Tailored Content

Each Design Session is tailored to the specific needs of your business and includes a combination of presentations, interactive exercises, group discussions, and hands-on activities.

Finland Workshop at Gofore Calm Tech

Design Session Topics

Review Lab 

Develop practical skills and techniques for addressing the areas identified in the Review Lab.

Sensory Design

Explore multi-sensory design concepts and identify opportunities to layer sensory elements into different experience touchpoints.

Pass-Through Design

Explore ways to design experiences that feel like natural extensions of the moment, passing smoothly through the user's environment without disruption.

Calm Tech Roadmap

Define processes for integrating Calm Tech Principles into your product development lifecycle, from ideation to launch.


Targeted Capacity Development

Develop practical skills and techniques for addressing areas of need. Gain a deeper understanding of Calm Tech Principles and how to apply them to your products.

Calm Tech Culture

Foster a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. Create a roadmap for integrating Calm Tech into your design process.

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Designing our future through the past

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